Past Projects

Here are a few of the Projects Andrew has developed, entitled or build in the past. If you have interest in Real Estate as an investor or as developer Andrew is an active member of the San Diego Real Estate community you can reach out to for help with any of your questions or needs.
  1. Fire Mountain Development
    Fire Mountain Development
    Subdivision of 2 parcels into 4 with the creation and entitlement of 3 luxury homes.
  2. Eolus Addition
    Eolus Addition
    Coastal Property with a ~1000 square foot addition and complete remodel
  3. Kensington Transformation
    Kensington Transformation
    Spanish home with a complete transformation and original elegance
  4. Escondido Panoramic
    Escondido Panoramic
    Purchase and remodel of violation ridden property. Property went from zero to hero in the neighborhood
  5. Craftsman Cottage
    Craftsman Cottage
    Craftsman cottage remodel that took advantage of existing beauty and modern touches (Featured in Hot Blocks in San Diego Magazine 12/15)
  6. Murrieta Flip
    Murrieta Flip
    Cookie cutter A-Z flip on a short timeline and restricted budget
  7. Fire Mountain Flip
    Fire Mountain Flip
    Transformation of a mid century classic to a modern dwelling.
  8. Oceanside Addtion
    Oceanside Addtion
    From worst to first with this ~500 square addition and remodel.